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  2. Send us an email at
  3. Click the link to our Facebook page and send us a message. Please include your email address.

Once we have received your request for service, you will receive via email The Holistic Canine’s Client Intake form. Completing this form and returning it to us promptly will get you on the schedule for your requested service.

The Holistic Canine looks forward to serving you and your dog!


Consultations are available for nutrition, nutrition education, diet transition guidance, natural health care strategies, food therapy, diet analysis, natural therapies, chronic disease, health crises, and more.

  • Phone consultations (worldwide option): $85 per 45 minutes; $100 per hour.
  • In-person consultations: $110 per hour
  • House calls (local Georgia residents only): $150 per hour

Custom Recipes: Canine

Recipes and meal plans are designed specifically for your adult dog or puppy. Each recipe is customized to age, activity level, current health, ideal weight, genetics, genetic disease-predisposition, environment, family dynamic, and more. If you have a purebred or a hybrid, opting for the breed-specific recipes for breed customization is vital for disease-predisposed condition prevention.

Puppies are growing and developing at a rapid rate, thus it is of dire importance that your pup receives all of their required nutrients in daily meals in the correct ratios and appropriately balanced for optimal growth and development. Custom puppy recipes are vital to ensuring proper growth, development, and future health.

Rather than taking a chance with your puppy’s or adult dog’s health, allow The Holistic Canine to create a meal plan that is balanced specifically for your puppy, adult, or senior. All recipes exceed AAFCO and NRC recommended nutrient requirements for puppies and adult dogs and are strategically nutrient balanced for optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Single (1) adult/senior recipe for unknown breed(s) and history $75
  • Single (1) recipe for breed specific and/or known health/genetic history $85
  • Single (1) recipe for puppy $95
  • Therapeutic single (1) recipe for specific condition(s) $100
  • Ketogenic recipe (nutrient balanced) $100
  • Three (3) general recipes $210; three (3) breed/health specific $240

Custom Recipes: Feline

Just like our canine recipes, custom feline plans are based on the same criteria. Felines are obligate carnivores, thus a raw diet is essential for your cat’s long-term health and wellness.

Rather than taking a chance with your kitten’s or adult cat’s health, allow The Holistic Canine to create a meal plan that is balanced specifically for your kitten, adult, or senior. All recipes exceed AAFCO and NRC recommended nutrient requirements for kittens and adult cats and are strategically nutrient balanced for optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Single (1) adult/senior recipe for unknown breed(s) and history $50
  • Single (1) recipe for breed specific and/or known health history $75
  • Single (1) recipe for kitten $80
  • Therapeutic single recipe (1) for specific condition(s) $100

NEW!! The Ultimate Plan for Dietary VARIETY: Custom Recipe TEMPLATE

For pet parents looking for a custom option that allows for near-unlimited dietary variety, this service is for you! Food is more than simply calories and macro/micronutrients. Food is also a source of information via microRNAs contained within fresh foods. Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to nutrition, variety is the best option for ensuring that nutrient uptake and information download is optimal. All living beings create balance internally through carefully regulated homeostatic mechanisms. One such mechanism is the release of hormones that control the absorption potential of nutrients, either to increase or decrease their absorption. Another is the ability, via microRNAs, to turn gene expression on or off (suppress) which can mean the difference between disease-expression and disease-prevention. The fact is, even the most seemingly “perfect” single recipe will not produce true balance. Variety is the best plan for ensuring that nutrient absorption and information download remains optimal. Some pet parents like to call this a “balance over time” approach. I prefer to call this the perfect plan for allowing nature to do what she does best. All biological beings are programmed to survive and thrive via these homeostatic mechanisms. It is the job of the pet parent to provide a varied species-appropriate diet that is closest to what nature has provided for her carnivorous creatures to consume and thrive upon. The body will do the rest. It is time to recognize nutrition for what it truly is: nourishment for both the cells and genes.

  • Custom template: canine $75
  • Custom template: feline $50

The Holistic Canine Amazon Storefront

Shop our recommended products! Find whole foods, supplements, and raw feeding tools. By shopping through The Holistic Canine storefront, you help us to earn Amazon gift cards. These gift cards help to fund our work and our rescue animals at The Holistic Canine organic homestead. Thank you for your support!

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Therapeutic Plans

If your dog is dealing and/or struggling with a physical, mental, or emotional condition, ailment(s), or chronic disease, please know that there are many options to help your dog heal, manage, and/or cope, even through terminal illness. The Holistic Canine offers numerous therapeutic options including:

  • food/nutrition therapy
  • herbal therapy
  • aromatherapy
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • energy healing
  • grounding (earthing) therapy
  • color/light therapy
  • crystal healing

Kimberly is a board certified holistic health practitioner, doctor of nutrition, a certified holistic animal healer, certified Energy Healer, and completing clinical aromatherapy and Back Flower remedy practicum. The Holistic Canine will work along with your veterinarian and current veterinary recommendations and health strategies. Consultations (both in-person and online), in-person therapy, and online therapeutic plans are available.

  • Therapeutic plans starting at $100

Cleansing: Detoxification Plans

This option is highly recommended for high disease-predisposed breeds (such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Shar Pei, etc.), dogs that consume or have consumed a kibble/processed commercial food diet, dogs that have been over-vaccinated and/or exposed to multiple veterinary preventative chemicals (flea & tick chemicals, heartworm chemicals, chemical wormers), dogs on prescription drugs/medications, dogs who live in a toxic environment (both indoor and outdoor toxins and pollution), dogs with anxiety disorder, rescues with a known or unknown background, dogs who have a lack of outdoor time and deficient sun exposure, etc. This is also highly recommended for ANY dog that lives in our modern world where more than 85,000 chemicals exist. All dogs can benefit greatly from a yearly or even a bi-yearly cleansing. Our environment is contaminated with close to one hundred thousand chemicals and pollutants found in our air, soil, food, and water. Further research is now discovering that even EMFs from portable house phones, electronics, cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, Smart Meters, etc., can have detrimental effects on the body, mind, and emotions. Sadly, our world is no longer a safe place to live.

  • Customized detoxification plan starting at $45; with custom detox recipe $90

Pre-formulated General NRC Gourmet Recipes

Gourmet NRC Dog Food Recipe

Each 1,000 kcal gourmet recipe exceeds AAFCO and the NRC’s recommended daily nutrient allowances for adult dogs. These recipes have been formulated and balanced to allow for optimal nutrient absorption and assimilation. Please note that some recipes contain RMBs, some do not contain bone, some contain alternate ingredient options, and some are cooked recipes. To order which recipe you would like, send an email to or send a message through The Holistic Canine Facebook business page at You may send a message before paying to request a list of ingredients and more information before sending a payment. Recipes available to date: 1) Basil Beef Surf n’ Turf (RMB recipe) 2) Ginger Chicken Dinner (RMB recipe) 3) Rosemary Pork with Sweet Potato (no bones) 4) Sage Turkey with Sweet Potato (RMB, contains alternate ingredients) 5) Rosemary Lamb Dinner (RMB, contains alternate ingredients, may be pricey to prepare) 6) Pork with Fennel and Seafood (RMB)


Recipe Evaluation

Our evaluation service is for client-generated recipes and meal plans. If you are unsure whether your dog is receiving all of their required nutritional needs, we will run a nutrient analysis on your submitted meal(s) as well as assess the recipe for appropriateness. This service includes amendment suggestions and/or a recipe restructuring with breed, health condition, and activity specific amendments.

  • Single recipe evaluation $60

Diet Transition Guidance

If you are ready to transition your puppy or adult dog from a processed commercial kibble or canned food onto a fresh, raw, whole-food diet plan, we will be your guidance and walk with you throughout the process. Transitioning can be tricky and if not done properly, many dogs experience numerous bouts of gastrointestinal upset. Vomiting and diarrhea are a very real possibility and concern especially if you have a dog with a health condition. Allow us to help you transition slowly and address any concerns that may arise along the way. You may use an AAFCO “complete and balanced” commercial raw diet, a pre-made raw diet approved by The Holistic Canine, or have us create meal recipes for you. This service includes a consult, a recipe, and daily communication and assistance (if needed) through The Holistic Canine Facebook business page Messenger, text message, or email. The custom meal plan transitions include two recipes.

  • One month transition with commercial/pre-made raw $250
  • Six-week transition with commercial/pre-made raw $360
  • Eight-week transition with commercial/pre-made raw $470
  • One month transition with custom meal plan $320
  • Six-week transition with custom meal plan $430
  • Eight-week transition with custom meal plan $540

Energy Healing Sessions

Kimberly is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner, a certified Usui Ryoho Animal Reiki Practitioner, and a certified Energy Healer. Energy healing sessions are available in-person only. Sessions include the use of aromatherapy, color/light therapy, and crystal therapy.

  • Energy Healing session starting at $30

Code of Ethics

The Holistic Canine holds itself to the highest ethical and practical standards within the field, practice, and art of holistic health, healing, and medicine. As a practitioner of holistic modalities, Kimberly Lloyd has willingly applied for the examination by medical (MD) and naturopathic (ND) doctors to determine both worth and qualification to practice as a board certified practitioner under board approval and standards. The Holistic Canine practices under the following code of ethics:

Practice the healing power of “drugless” methodologies; Practice to do no harm; Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

I promise to refuse to participate in unethical procedures; I promise to be aware of, and abide by all state and local laws; I promise to be honest with clients, offering the best products, services, and information possible; I promise to be ready to consult and seek the talents of other health care professionals when such consultation would benefit my client; I promise to not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law; I promise to be up-to-date on all information I give my clients, and to continue my education.

Client/Practitioner Agreement:

The Holistic Canine is a professional business and practice owned by board certified practitioner Kimberly Styn Lloyd, PhD, BCHHP. It is to be understood that all advice and teachings by Kimberly and The Holistic Canine are for educational and supplemental use and that they are not a substitute for licensed veterinary care. While Kimberly is a practitioner, she does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions whether diagnosed or undiagnosed by a licensed medical professional. Kimberly provides professional food therapy and other natural therapies to help create a platform for healing, optimal nutrient absorption, and the cultivation of optimal health. If your dog or cat is on any prescription drugs, these MUST be disclosed to Kimberly. You assume all risk for undisclosed information.

The pet parent understands that they assume all potential risks associated with feeding their dog or cat a raw diet and raw meaty bones. Please take all necessary hygienic precautions to ensure safety and to reduce the risk of cross contamination from the handling and feeding of raw meat and raw products. As with all raw dietary plans, feed with caution and responsibly.

The pet parent understands and accepts that any alteration of recipes created by The Holistic Canine will result in a change in nutrient saturation that comes with the risk of creating a nutritional imbalance. The pet parent understands that every dog and cat is unique and the transition to a raw diet and/or a custom recipe may cause gastrointestinal upset, and despite being balanced by NRC recommended requirements, may have an ingredient, ingredients, or an ingredient combination that your dog or cat cannot tolerate. In this case, The Holistic Canine will amend a recipe to make it more suitable for your dog’s or cat’s needs. Owner assumes and accepts all risks involved.