Canine Raw Feeding Explained ebook

A Practical How-to Guide to Feeding Your Dog a Balanced Nutrition Plan

Canine Raw Feeding Explained is an in depth examination of the canine species to assist pet parents to make educated decisions for how best to feed their dogs. Additionally, and most importantly, this ebook is a step-by-step guide to creating balanced raw nutrition plans. Canine Raw Feeding Explained outlines all of the essential nutrients required by the domestic canine species including nutrient functions and importance. A basic working knowledge of nutrition is vital to assisting pet parents to making the best decisions for their dogs’ particular nutrition needs and health maintenance.

The Canine Raw Feeding Explained ebook is the ONLY raw feeding and canine nutrition book you will need to feed your dog a balanced homemade species-appropriate raw diet. Contained within the pages of this ebook is both detailed and comprehensive scientific information as well as easy-to-understand material with a step-by-step guide to creating your own balanced meals. You will learn everything from your dog’s biological classification to his anatomy and physiological functions; from how to source and choose meal ingredients to how to balance ingredients properly and safely in a meal; and from understanding, choosing, and utilizing supplements to learning how to be cautious of dangerous anti-nutrients lurking within raw foods that should never be fed to dogs. This is simply the tip of the iceberg! Canine Raw Feeding Explained is so much more…

Included within Canine Raw Feeding Explained is a beautiful Visual Guide filled with pictures of meal ingredients and raw feeding tools as well as complete balanced meal photos. To help you get started, this ebook includes recipes that meet the canine nutrition standards as outlined and recommended by the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academies. Canine Raw Feeding Explained includes complete nutrition information and NRC balanced meals for puppies, adult dogs, and pregnant and lactating dams.

I have chosen to write this book to fill a growing need within the pet parent community. Canine raw feeding has become increasingly more popular as commercial dog food recalls and chronic diseases continue to mount. As a result, many canine nutrition philosophies and ideologies have developed creating a very real confusion among pet parents who are seeking an alternative to commercial dog food. From my own practice, I personally see a growing need for scientifically accurate canine nutrition information during my personal interactions with pet parents, in phone consultations, and within The Holistic Canine Facebook group. Pet parents from all around the world are in need of detailed information to assist them in creating nutritionally balanced diets for their beloved canines. Thus, Canine Raw Feeding Explained will give pet parents the tools and confidence they require to not only sufficiently fulfill canine nutrient requirements, but also to prevent chronic disease and genetic disease-predisposed conditions while also vastly improving overall quality of life, and doubtless, increasing longevity.

Among the growing number of published raw feeding books, I have observed that many of these publications are not sufficiently addressing important questions that many pet parents need answered. There also exists a lack of step-by-step instruction to assist the average pet parent to confidently learn and create nutritionally sufficient meals that exceed their dog’s most basic nutrient requirements. It is for this reason that I have written this book to give pet parents the answers to their questions and detailed guidance to creating superior meal plans.

To start your raw feeding journey off on the correct foot, be sure to own a copy of this vital work. Canine Raw Feeding Explained is available for purchase for $20. This purchase fee supports and helps to fund the needs of our rescue animals at our organic homestead as well as the continued research and education of The Holistic Canine.

Canine Raw Feeding Explained ebook

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